Stated Income Loans

Product Overview

Rather than focusing on the borrower’s credit and income, a stated income commercial real estate loan depends on the property’s established income. The property however must demonstrate its ability to cover taxes, insurance and mortgage in order to receive approval for the loan. Commercial real estate owners often choose this option because it is much faster than the traditional small business loan process.

Loan Program

Loan Uses

Our state income loans can be used for a variety of business projects and needs:

  • Debt consolidation: Combine your leases, credit card debts and IRS bills to potentially save thousands monthly. Plus, you can free up your monthly cash flow.
  • Property Improvements: Renovate and upgrade your property to improve its money earning potential.
  • Property acquisition: Expanding at the right moment can mean great deals and increased business.
  • Working capital: While you wait for receivables, cover your operating costs and other needs.


  • Income verification based on alternative documentation such as bank statements
  • Suitable for self-employed borrowers
  • 30 year fixed and Interest only options available